Insert Geo Microformat Plugin for Windows Live Writer

InsertPanel I have just completed a new Windows Live Writer plugin. This extension allows ease insertion of geo microformat information.

It allows the user to easily choose the location they want to insert (in microformat) from a Virtual Earth map and also configure how it is displayed (if at all on the post.

Recently I (with considerable help from Alexander Groß) added GeoRss support for dasBlog. The co-ordinates can be specified when adding a post via the web interface. This plugin is stage two of this support, stage three will be parsing the geo microformat when a post is added and using that to populate the GeoRss info.

The end goal being to allow the geo info to be entered when creating a post in Writer and having that info available in GeoRss format in the feed.

I started this plugin with the view to using Google Maps, however they require that you get an API key and that key is only valid for a particular web site / URL path. This foiled my plans to embed the map in a Windows Forms WebBrowser control (I did look at producing an html page that was served from my web site, and using it embedded in the WebBrowser – not scaleable and too much configuration for a normal user to do.


I hadn’t looked in depth at Virtual Earth, but recently went to MixUK:07 and saw a couple of demos / presentations on it – a quick look found that it didn’t need a API and was not tied to a particular URL / path – the JavaScript for it is pretty similar to the one for Google Maps so learning curve was pretty short. The only issue I have with is that there is no (currently) facility to enter a GeoRss feed in the search query and just display the data (the current method of displaying this kind of data is to embed a map in your own pages and use their API to display the items as a ‘collection’).

You can get the installer for it here InsertGeoFormatSetup.msi (325Kb).

GEO 51.4043243116043:-1.28760516643523
  • Jordan Mills

    It looks like your plugin uses abbr tags for the lat and long. Far as I know, those are supposed to be span tags. Your server won’t let me put in an obsfucated email address but you can reach me at jordan at jordan mills dot com.

  • Jordan Mills

    Actually after a tad bit more looking (and reading what’s in that link up there), it seems that using abbr tags is accepted too. I did find a couple of bugs though. First, if you use the plugin when viewing the post in html, the ending parent tag (span or div) is not inserted – but it is if you’re viewing in web layout. Second, there’s no semicolon separating the coordinates. Third, I neglected to thank you for putting this plugin together.

  • BMH

    I’d be grateful if there were any source code available for this; I use it frequently but would like to customize the interface a bit to save some time for my posts, which are always centered in a small geographic area.

    Would you mind sharing?

    Either way, thanks for a great piece of software.

  • BMH,

    You can get the source from here []
    Let me know how you get on with it or if you have any questions…

    .. Ken

  • BMH

    Thank you for responding quickly and posting the source, much appreciated. I’ll check it out very soon. Cheers!