dasBlog 2.0 Released

dasBlog_image So dasBlog 2.0 (running under AS.NET 2.0 and medium trust) is now released. Scott has a great write up on it.

I have been running this web site on it for a few weeks now and it’s been fine. We sneaked in a couple of last minute features (one of mine was a new macro for rendering the navigation links as an Unordered List instead of a table with one cell per row).

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time on dasBlog recently – extending activity Rss feed and working on georss integration. I have a georss version working with a simple UI allowing the user to specify Lat/Long for each post and then a link to view the feed items in Google maps. I have not checked it in yet as I want to provide a slicker UI for specifying the location (maybe a map that allows you to drag/select the location or enter a zip code and view the location then use that).
I also want to provide options for getting the location in when using blogging clients (Windows Live Writer etc), not just the web based ‘add entry’ UI.

There is also some great work going on with Clemens Vaster and other really revamping some of the architecture bits and bringing dasBlog to the next level.

Watch this space…