Word 2007 Blogging Fix 2

One of the developers on the dasBlog team (Nick) looked at this and found that there was a fairly easy fix we could do to dasBlog that would get around the Word 2007 issue.

The metaWeblog API states that the blogid parameter is ‘the same as defined by the blogger API’
The blogger API defines it as :

blogid (string): Unique identifier of the blog the post will be added to.

As dasBlog is a single blog instance there is no real need for the blogid – we could simply pass back “0” which would allow Word 2007 to send us a blogid of “0” (which we don’t even use anyway).
A fix (thanks Nick) is now in the latest source.

This post was published from Word 2007 and the $64000 question is – does it display this image ?