Raspberry Pi Zero Case

raspberry pi zero case

I thought it was about time I invested in a Raspberry Pi Zero Case. I had been using all my Pi Zeros ‘naked’ for several weeks with no problems, but you never know if they’ll touch a metal surface or object and short out.

Browsing around there are a lot of really nice looking wooden cases. I liked this one and this one with connector names etched into it. Maybe I’ll get one of those for use as my ‘clean’ Raspberry Pi Zero Case. In the meantime I opted for this clear plastic one. Functional and a touch less costly than the wooden ones. Only £3.99 with free delivery – bargain.


When it arrived it looked a bit bulky, but that was because it comes with 2 top sections. One top section is completely closed in on top with no access to the GPIO ports. The other top section has the GPIO ports open and accessible. The picture shows the one with the ports accessible.
This case also comes in White and Black, but I found both those colours to be a bit plain for my liking.

The Modification

There was also a very minor issue with the new v1.3 camera connector and this case. The cover for the camera connector sticks out a fraction of a millimetre over the side of the Pi Zero. This prevent the Pi Zero from fitting correctly into the bottom section of the case. A sharp knife and about 30 seconds work saw me cut a little section of the side lip. This allowed the Pi Zero to fit perfectly.
You can’t see from the pictures below but it only protrudes into the inside lip. When the top cover is on that still encases the camera connector, so it’s not sticking out the side in any way.


I’m now sporting a device housed safely in this really cool Raspberry Pi Zero Case. I’m also thinking of buying a couple more of these.

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