Another Raspberry Pi Zero Case

So, it was time to buy another Raspberry Pi Zero Case, as I’m now onto my third one of these amazing little devices. I had intended to buy another of the cases that I purchased for my first one. At the last minute I decide I should probably go for a bit of variety and choose a different one.

After a little searching around on Amazon and eBay, I settled on one of the modular laser cut acrylic style cases – £3.47 with free delivery. It arrived in a couple of days in a thin envelope.
There was a ~3mm thick piece of acrylic about 70mm wide by 200mm long, taped to a piece of card to hold it all together. From this the shape of each layer had been cut.


Snapping all the layers out and peeling the protective film off was a simple task. There are 4 layers plus an (optional) couple of super thin bits for some support.  You put the bottom 2 layers together then the Pi Zero, then (optionally the 2 super thin bit – I used the stand-offs instead) and then choose between the 2 top pieces. One designed for covering in the GPIO header (no pins soldered) and the other exposing the GPIO header. There are also 4 nuts/bolts provided to secure the whole thing together with the Pi Zero sandwiched in the middle.

The case looks good, is very functional and has easy access to all the ports, SD card and camera connector. There are a few little (tiny) blemishes on one of the parts, but they are hardly noticeable. The whole thing feels very secure and there is no movement, nor any undue pressure on the device.

All in all, a decent Raspberry Pi Zero Case. Here are some pics of the assembled unit.


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