Homebrew Home Server

So a while back (31st Dec 2007), my beta license for Windows Home Server (WHS) expired and I hacked together an alternative quicklinks_whs_logosolution.

I have been updating my (almost) free/opensource alternative (it still needs a Windows OS) over the past couple of days and now have a pretty viable solution.

I have a machine (the Home Server) running Windows (any version would do) with two large additional drives in it (Data1 and Data2).
Data1 is the primary data drive and on there I created a number of folders / shares:HomeServerFolders

  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Software
  • Backups
  • Downloads

I re-homed each of my ‘special’ folders in Vista (Docs, Music, Video, Photos) to these shares, so all data is stored on the Home Server. You could create a separate shared folder for each user with the correct permissions, but I share all the docs/photos etc between all machines so no need for me.

Next I wanted the WHS feature of duplicating the stored data across more than drive, so I grabbed a copy of the Robocopy and created a batch file with the following commands :

  • robocopy d:documents e:documents /MIR /SEC /LOG:c:robocopy.txt /NDL /NFL
  • robocopy d:music e:music /MIR /SEC /LOG+:c:robocopy.txt /NDL /NFL
  • robocopy d:videos e:videos /MIR /SEC /LOG+:c:robocopy.txt /NDL /NFL
  • robocopy d:software e:software /MIR /SEC /LOG+:c:robocopy.txt /NDL /NFL
  • robocopy d:photos e:photos /MIR /SEC /LOG+:c:robocopy.txt /NDL /NFL
  • robocopy d:backups e:backups /MIR /SEC /LOG+:c:robocopy.txt /NDL /NFL
  • robocopy d:downloads e:downloads /MIR /SEC /LOG+:c:robocopy.txt /NDL /NFL

This replicates all the folders across to the other data drive (Data2) thereby mitigating against a single drive failure. All the replication results / logs are stored in a file (c:robocopy.txt) and I wanted that emailed to me so I grabbed a copy of Blat and added the following command line to the batch file :blat

  • c:toolsblat262fullblat.exe c:robocopy.txt -to YOUREMAILADDRESS -subject “RoboCopy Results” -server mail.YOURMAILSERVER.com-f “RoboCopy on Home Server” -u YOURUSERNAME -pw YOURPASSWORD

I named the batch file ‘replicate.bat’, put it in the c:tools folder and then scheduled the batch file to run every night at 2am with this command line :

  • SCHTASKS /Create /SC DAILY /TN Replicate /TR c:toolsreplicate.bat /ST 02:00

Excellent – now the data is replicated across two drives, and I get an email every day with the results of the replication process (in case anything goes wrong).

HTTPFSNext I wanted to ensure I have remote access to my files from anywhere. I grabbed a copy of the excellent HTTP File System and put that on the Home Server.

HFSScreenshotI set the root to the Data1 drive, created a user account for myself and gave it ‘upload’ ability and that gives me fully web based access to upload and/or download any file.

The next piece in the puzzle is to get full backups of the machines. For this I had planned to use VMware Server and the excellent VMware Converter tool, however it seems the command line options for the tool they provide p2vtool only works with a licensed version.

It’s a great tool and pulls a whole physical machine image into a VMware virtual machine – and is a great way to get the failed machine back to life – what it doesn’t do is restore a machine, but I’m most likely to rebuild any failed machine anyway – I simply need access to any files / data on there that might not have made it to the shared server folders…


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  • Matt

    Wouldn’t it have been much easier to have just gone into the disk management console and set the two drives as RAID0 and avoided all the Robocopy stuff and would ensure that all data was immediately mirrored rather than waiting until 2AM to do a backup?

  • Good point Matt,

    I had planned on adding more drives and robocopying across multiple drives (not just backing up to a second one)

    .. Ken