Public Folders to RSS to Mailbox

Public Folders to RSS to Mailbox

I’m a great fan of the excelllent and free RSS Poppper which aggregates all my chosen feeds into a mailbox folder in Outlook (Outlook is my main daily workspace, I do everything from there).

Yesterday, I found myself considering using Glen Scales’ Public folder RSS Feed Event sink v2 to create an RSS feed from one of our company’s shared Public Folders (PF) so that I could pull it directly into my mailbox via RSS Popper.

This kinda sounds a bit stupid but it gives me direct access (in a standard place) to all my chosen information – I can read the PF posts along side my other feeds.

The other option is to set my email in the Public Folder properties as a ‘forward all to’ in addition to having the posts delivered to the PF – either way I’m duplicating data and increasing the size of the exchange store….

Luckily I work for an email archiving company and we use our products inhouse, so I don’t have to worry about exchange store size, we’re also just about to release SIS (Single Instance Storage) so data will not duplicated either…


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