Kameleon 8040 aka One For All 4 in 1

kameleon1 I bought one of these about 4 years ago – initially loved it, but it chewed through batteries at an incredible rate, so after a few months of use and another instance of needing fresh batteries (and none being available) it sat in a drawer for some (considerable) time.

Now that I am a (proud ??) owner of an Xbox 360, I wanted to rationalize all our disparate remotes – my suggestion of buying a Harmony One (currently £88 on amazon) was met with “What! we already have one of those – that blue thing that lights up” from Sarah…

She’s right  (of course) so I dug it out and brought it back into play – reprogrammed the devices for the new HD TV and DVD player, it still had the Pace Twin PVR programmed and bingo it  worked again.
I wanted to be 100% sure it would do everything I needed (I guess I was looking for an excuse to buy a Harmony), so I looked at all the functions available and programmed – I found that the PVR button (which should bring up the recording library) didn’t work correctly, but a bit of googling sorted that (Key Reprogramming – code 00536) and then I started considering the Xbox.

There is a little info around about getting a Kameleon working with your Xbox. I tried this advice for the 8060 (6 in 1), but it didn’t work (apparently the 4 in 1 does not have the modem programing capability), so eventually I emailed One For All support.
A pretty quick response indicated that yes it could support the Xbox, but would need sending back for reprogramming (at a cost of £10, as I was outside the first year of purchase / warranty). This seemed like a fair price so I have just sent it off.

I’ll post on the ‘richness’ of the Xbox support (and the best code) when I get it back.


Codes that might be useful :

  • Vistron 32″ HD TV – Model VIS032HDID   : 0587
  • Yamada DVDSlim 5520 : 0665
  • Xbox 360 : ????
  • Pace Twin Freeview Recorder : 1423(with PVR key reprogrammed to function code 00536)


GEO 51.4043197631836:-1.28760504722595