Camtasia and Powershell on Vista

I’ve been on Vista (on my work laptop) for a couple of months now and finding it really difficult to get some stuff done.

I’m (directly) working on some training modules for our Archive One products and managing / assisting a couple of people who are working on Sales Video Demos of these products.

The Sales Video Demo are making extensive use of Camtasia and my training modules are making some use of it. Their version 4.0.0 of Camtasia Studio is not supported on Vista and I can verify that it DOES NOT work on it (although you CAN install it, expect to get lots of application errors / crashes).
TechSmith (the makers Camtasia) say that there is limited functionality available under Vista (you can record your screen to AVI format, but that’s it).

There is a beta version of Camtasia available from here that works with Vista (pretty well actually) and the TechSmith guys plan to release full support for Vista by the end of this month.

As we’re heavily into Exchange Server and the 2007 version is now released (and makes extensive use of Powershell of management), I’ve been meaning to get to grips with Powershell.

Powershell is NOT supported under Vista yet either. They do have a Powershell RC2 available that works under Vista RC1 (build 5600). The details are available from their download page. Vista support is also planned for the end of this month.

I guess I should have probably waited a bit longer before migrating to Vista. Anyway in the meantime I have a test Win2003 Server set up that I’m using for Powershell.