Berghaus Sullivan Jacket – Review

It’s been around 8 months since I purchased my Berghaus Sullivan GoreTex outer shell jacket and things have gone pretty well.

My original requirements when looking for a jacket were :-

  • 3 Layer Goretex (heavy duty)
  • Just an outer shell (none of this 18 jackets in one nonsense)
  • Able to cope with the typical demands of mountaineering in the Scottish Highlands (rain, rain, rain, snow, wind, hail etc)
  • Value for money.

At the time my local outdoor shop (Cotswold Camping in Reading) had a special offer on Berghaus Sullivans. Originally £200, they were reduced to £120 (clearance or new season stock coming in or the like).

 I can honestly say that the Berghaus Sullivan was a great buy. It fitted my needs almost to a tee. It is very comfortable to wear, very waterproof and just does the job I need well.

I do have a couple of small niggles with it :-

  • It doesn’t have a map pocket, so I need a map case and have to store it in my rucksack (pain for getting it in and out)
  • The zips on the pockets are a bit of a pain (it’s those small zips that seem to be made of a malleable plasticy material), I just leave the zips open and use the Velcro strip to hold it closed (unless it really wet, which is quite often in Scotland).

Overall, a great bit of kit – I’d recommend it to anyone and if I had known at the time of the sale, I’d have bought two !!.