Nose Secretion Management

Whilst researching waterproof mitts, I came across this great feature on Outdoor Design’s Fitzroy Mitt

Flocking patch
allows for nose secretion management

All through my life my mother / girlfriend / wife have been telling me to STOP wiping my nose on my sleeve, now these guys are giving me free reign !!

I have been looking for a waterproof, breathable outer shell mitt to put over my Windstopper gloves on mountain days for some time now. It’s actually proving more difficult than I imaged to find something. Berghaus did do a Paclite Mitt that looks like it might be ideal but they are difficult to source (and I’m not sure they have the ‘Nose Secretion Management’ feature…)

Anyway, now I have settled on a pair of Extremities Tuff Bags – these babies have a Goretex outer with a re-enforced palm, no inner lining (so I can use my own gloves) and the cheapest place I’ve seen them is at ‘Up and Under’ for £31.50 plus £3 P&P