Samsung D600 review

Samsung D600 review

I have just changed my mobile phone to the new Samsung D600 (perviously I had always used Nokia models). The Samsung phone is pretty good, it provides me with a 2 mega pixel camera, micro SD slot (which I filled with a 512MB card, so now my phone are over 600MB of storage available), MPEG4 capability, 240 by 320 262K colour screen and Picsel Viewer software (read Word, Excel, PDF and html docs).

I like the phone, but the software is a bit clunky, sending an SMS to someone in the phonebook is a lot of steps – after composing the message I have to hit :-

  • Options
  • Send Only
  • Options
  • Phonebook
  • Then ‘browse’ to the contact
  • OK (to check the checkbox for the contact)
  • Select
  • Options
  • Send

This is just to long. I use txt message to send very short snippets when I don’t want to disturb the receipent, having to go through this rigmarole is going to stop me using txt messaging.

Another feature I like is being able to configure the USB connection as ‘Mass Storage’ making the phone look like a removeable drive to my PC. However there seems to be a issue with this option in that it always reverts back to ‘Modem’ when I switch the phone off.

Final dissapointment is the lack of open standards / information about the thing. On the display settings I can choose what theme to apply – there is a choice of 2, imaginatively named Pattern 1 and Pattern 2 and the other setting is where I want to display the operator logo (top, bottom or off). I have to ask, ‘Why is there no option to modify these or to add your own themes ?’ – a little bit of thought on this side would have bumped the phone up from ‘good’ to ‘killer’ – I already have a USB connection, just publish the format / schema or whatever and let me get creative…


Is it worth it ???

Well I beat my record.

This weekend I drove from Newbury, Berkshire to Argyll, Scotland to do some ‘munro baggging’ with my brother.
It’s a 400 mile journey that I expected to do in around 7 hours. I ended up driving for 10 hours each way.

The weather was pretty miserable so we didn’t get anything done on the Sunday (we like to try and fit in a short 4 to 6 hour walk on a Sunday morning before I head back). So for a total of 20 hours driving I enjoyed 5.5 hours walking (previous record was 18 hours driving for 6 hours walking).

Anyway, we stayed in Crianlarich Youth Hostel on the Friday night, walking a couple of the Bridge of Orchy munros on Saturday in rain mostly, with a cloud base of around 700m. We had planned to do all 4 of the easily linked munros here, but the weather was so bad we sacked it after 2.
This brings my ‘bagged’ total to 129 (only 155 to go).
Beinn Dorain
Beinn Dothaidh

It starts from the Bridge of Orchy railway station, following a well trodden path up the side of the Allt coire an Dothaidh. The path opens up to more marshy land at around 550m, then a steep pull up 100m or so brings you to the bealach at 744m (spot height)
Heading South on another well trodden path takes you over initial gentle terrain, giving way to more steep and finally to the summit with a large cairn.

Head back to the bealach and on towards Beinn Dothaidh. A well defined slanting path leads from the bealach across the hillside towards the summit, the path soon peters out and becomes a trudge over the wet hillside to the summit (ensure you visit the East top which is 1004m, 4m higher than the West top).

Head back to the bealach and back the way you came.

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Public Folders to RSS to Mailbox

I’m a great fan of the excelllent and free RSS Poppper which aggregates all my chosen feeds into a mailbox folder in Outlook (Outlook is my main daily workspace, I do everything from there).

Yesterday, I found myself considering using Glen Scales’ Public folder RSS Feed Event sink v2 to create an RSS feed from one of our company’s shared Public Folders (PF) so that I could pull it directly into my mailbox via RSS Popper.

This kinda sounds a bit stupid but it gives me direct access (in a standard place) to all my chosen information – I can read the PF posts along side my other feeds.

The other option is to set my email in the Public Folder properties as a ‘forward all to’ in addition to having the posts delivered to the PF – either way I’m duplicating data and increasing the size of the exchange store….

Luckily I work for an email archiving company and we use our products inhouse, so I don’t have to worry about exchange store size, we’re also just about to release SIS (Single Instance Storage) so data will not duplicated either…


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