CurrentCost Power Monitor Software – Take 2


This post is an update to my previous one about the CurrentCost Energy Monitor and the software I built for it.

After posting brief details about it, I agreed with the guys over at the MSDN Coding for Fun site to write a full project article  for them. The suggested a couple of changes – using the Managed Extension Framework (MEF) stuff available in .NET 4 and a Windows Phone 7 client, to make it more generally appealing.

I had not seen the MEF stuff before, but it turned out great – very simple framework that allows a full ‘plugin’ style architecture in around 10 lines of code. I also had little experience with the Xaml stuff required for WinPhone 7 apps, but it is actually pretty simple.

There are a number of plugins and clients for it now including :

            • A plugin to post to Twitter every X minutes (using oAuth)
            • A plugin to post to Pachube streams
            • A plugin to post to a web service
            • A web page to display the latest readings sent to the web service
            • A Windows Phone 7 application to display the latest reading sent to the web service
            • A Windows Sidebar Gadget to display the latest reading sent to the web service

I have also had submissions from a couple of other developers, one for a plugin that posts to Google PowerMeter and another that records the readings in a database – both of these will be uploaded to the Codeplex site when I have them integrated into the source and working correctly.

Anyway, you can read all about it here. There is also a Codeplex site for all the source code and binaries.

Post in the comments if you have suggestions for other plugins or features, or want to get involved.

GEO 51.4043388366699:-1.2875679731369
  • Great app.. does not parse correctly when there are more than one appliance connected.. can we add that to the parsing.. I may have to get out some very rusty programming skills (long lost last Century!!) and have a go if no one here with some skill has some time!


  • @PS Can you send me a capture of the XML you are getting (from a terminal application), and I’ll have a look at what is going wrong.

    Are you expecting it to sum all the appliances ?, or just take the channel 0 (whole house) reading ?

    Regards .. Ken