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Scripting Exchange Server

For ‘ad hoc’ scripting of Exchange Server, you just cannot beat Dmitry Streblechenko’s Outlook Redemption. It is basically a set of COM objects (in a DLL) which wrap many of the Outlook / Exchange objects, saving you from having to put some C++ code together to get around the horrible ‘Another application is trying to […]

Tools for every machine.

There are some tools I find myself adding to every machine I work on. Some of these come from Scott Hanselmans’ Ultimate Tools List. Currently I install the following on every machine :- Notepad2 Winzip CmdHere Powertoy for XP BGinfo from SysInternals CommandBar for Explorer VNC I also use a bunch of others (Cropper, Magnifixer, […]

Helpdesk Application

I have been working in Support / Technical Services for many years now and have seen my fair share of CRM / Helpdesk Applications. These vary from the big guys Seibel, Remedy, HEAT all the way to free PHP scripts with a messy web front end. One I’ve seen recently is Kayako’s SupportSuite. This is […]

Archive One – Policy 4.2 Released !!!

The much awaited version 4.2 of Archive One Policy (from C2C Systems, my employer) is now available. You can find details here. The aspect I’m excited about is the Integration Framework (see here for the announcement). This opens up a whole new arena for us – we can be both subservient to other systems; and […]

Samsung D600 review

I have just changed my mobile phone to the new Samsung D600 (perviously I had always used Nokia models). The Samsung phone is pretty good, it provides me with a 2 mega pixel camera, micro SD slot (which I filled with a 512MB card, so now my phone are over 600MB of storage available), MPEG4 […]